Ant meals
Very fond of insects, sweet foods and seeds
Very fond of seeds
Carry 2,400 insects to their nest per day
Food being carried by a single ant
Gather honey and store it in the stomach
Sharing honey with a fellow ant by mouth-to-mouth

Ant fighting
Fighting an enemy until the enemy dies
Ants fight to protect their nest
Non-fighting ants

Ant enemies
Very weak if alone
Most fearful ant lion

Ant meadow
Rearing insects to obtain honey

Ant body
Small but strong

Ant nest
Make a nest as deep as 4 m under the soil
Make a nest in the soil or inside a decayed tree

Ant mating
Mating ceremony in the sky
Preparation for the mating flight

Ant eggs, larvae and pupae
Mother raises the young
Workers raise the young

Ant family
Two thousand ants in one nest hole
There is only one mother (queen) ant

Ant life through winter
Exit of the nest hole is closed in winter

Ant species
262 species of ants live in Japan
Ant species

Various ants
Ants showing curious behavior

Insects mimicking ants
Insects mimicking ants
Termite, Jumping spider, Velvet ant
Other insects mimicking the ant
Larvae of chinch bug, Ant loving beetle, Rove beetle

How to catch ants
1. When you catch only one ant
2. Catching many ants
3. Let's break off a dacayed branch of a tree

How to keep ants
1. Let's keep ants in an empty bottle or a flower dish.
2. Let's keep ants in a house with a playground.
3. Let's build an ant apartment block.
4. Make a nest with plaster

Guidance for individual research on ants
1. Let's see what ants can be found.
2. Food examination
3. Ants working in the daytime and those working at night
4. Examination of the ant working time
5. Examination of ants dragging a caterpillar
6. Examination of how ants walk
7. Examination of ant speed
8. Observation of colored ants
9. How much honey does the ant gather?
10. Food for lifting and food for dragging
11. Let's give ants red honey to eat
12. How many workers are born in one nest?