Insects mimicking ants

Insects mimicking ants

There are several kinds of insect that resemble the ant in shape. However, when closely examined with a magnifying glass, they can be clearly distinguished from the real ant because they do not have any petioles between the gaster and the thorax. Yet, there are many insects closely resembling the ant, aren't there?

The termite is not an ant
The termite closely resembles the ant in shape except that it is white. In addition, the termite lives in a large social group like the ant. However, the termite is actually not a relative of the ant and is closer to the cockroach.

Termites live in families similar to the ant

Eight (8)-legged jumping spider
The jumping spider, which flits about on leaves, closely resembles the ant. The spider has 8 leggs, but since the 2 forelegs are always moving unsteadily like hair, they look like the antenna of the ant.

A jumping spider projecting the forelegs like antennae

A velvet ant with many hairs
This may be a female as it is large. Although this insect looks like a female ant from which the wings have fallen off, it has many hairs. If you see an insect like this, it is a velvet ant. Since the female does not have wings, this insect is liable to be regarded as an ant.

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A hairly velvet ant