Guidance to indivudual study on ants

  • This study is a little difficult, so let your families help you.

    9. How much honey does the ant gather?

    There is an ant that forms marching lines and climbs trees to gather honey. Compare the weights of 100 ants that have sucked honey and 100 ants that have not.

    10. Food for lifting and food for dragging

    The Formica japonica weighs 0.004 g. However, this ant can carry food that is five times larger than their own weight by holding it in the mandible. They can also drag food that is 25 times heavier than their own weight.

    11. Let's give ants red honey to eat

    Make yellow ants drink honey diluted with red ink. If you hold the ants to the light, you will see the inside of the abdomen turning red.

    12. How many workers are born in one nest?

    When the nest entrance is covered with a veneer board or a stone, the ants put their larvae or cocoons under it. Collect cocoons, mark them with a felt pen and make a note of the number.