How to read this book

1: Focus on ant life

  • This book focuses on the life of Camponotus japonicus, summarizing it through photographs.

  • Since this book lists as many other ant species as possible, compare them with Camponotus japonicus.

    2: Note the marks

  • The marks have the following meaning.

    Pages describing the ant's image

    Pages describing the ant's egg, larva and pupa

    Photographs explaining how to look at the photos and the points to observe in the ants

    3: After you have read through this book, observe some ants

  • From page 42 of this book, the methods of collecting and keeping ants will help you to observe them, and sections providing guidance to indivudual study will appear.

  • If you actually observe some ants, you will gain a different impression from that of the photos.

  • Observe actual ants and become an ant PhD.

    Formica japonica