How to keep ants

4. Make a nest with plaster
How to build the nest

1. Rub soap over a glass plate. 2. Make a wooden frame.
3. Dissolve plaster and pour it in the frame. 4. Shave the plaster to make a compartment.

5. Method of keeping ants that make a nest inside wood
How to build the nest Use a hollow branch from a tree such as the elder tree and Japanese yellow rose.

1. Cut a hollow branch. 2. Adhere the branch onto a glass plate.
3. Cover a box with the plate. 4. Put your ants into the box by blowing.

  • Put your ants into the box by blowing.
    Give the ants food on an aluminum foil dish. Remove the plate when the food has been consumed.
  • How to keep females
    Keep the females individually. Put a sponge impregnated with water in the case.
  • How to make ants dig a tunnel
    Use the soil outside the nest entrance and inject water sometimes.