Ant fighting

Ants fight to protect their nest

Ants fight in order to monopolize a food resource or to protect their nest. Fight include aggression against other insects attempting to steal their food. Some ants move away if defeated. This behavior suggests that the ants prefer to keep their nests apart in order to live peacefully.

Ant weapons

In addition to the poisonous fluid, the ant uses its mandible for biting. Brachyponera chinensis has a barb at the tip of the gaster and uses it as a weapon during a fight. Some of the Camponotus japonicus workers are soldiers that have a stong mandible.

1. Biting with the mandible
2. Spray poisonous fluid
3. Pricking with the sting at the tip of the abdomen

Fighting by Camponotus japonicus

A Formica japonica ant and a Crematogaster osakensis
(yellow) ant fighting over the body of a dead Camponotus japonicus ant.