Guidance to indivudual study on ants

3. Ants working in the daytime and those working at night

Some ants work in the daytime and others work at night.
There is also an ant that works in the daytime in spring and in the morning and evening in summer.
Examine daytime and night workers.

Method of study

Put some food in an alminum foil dish and examine it from morning to noon or from noon to evening or the like.

If you change the alminum foil every 1 hour, you will learn the times between which these ants work.

How to count

4. Examination of the ant working time

Decide on an ant nest to which ants busily come and go and count the number leaving the nest to look for food and the number returning to the nest for 5 minutes every 1 hour.

Method of study

Put a thermometer on the ground and measure the temperature on the surface of the earth.

At what time do ants the most work? Additionally, measure the temperature of the earth.

Observe night walkers using a flashlight covered with red cellophane.

How to count

Activity of Camponotus japonicus per day (number of coming our of the nest during 5 minutes)

Activity of Camponotus japonicus and the temperature (number of coming out of the nest during 5 minutes)