Ant nest

A variety of ant nests
Ants make a nest in the soil or inside a dacayed tree.

In cold places, such as Hokkaido, only those ants that can make a nest in the soil, in a stump or beneath the bark of a fallen tree can survive. In warm districts southwest of the Kanto District, ant species that make a nest beneath the bark of a living three or inside a decayed branch can also be seen.

When click somewhere in the figure below, you will find ants living there.

Ant species hiding in this figure
  • Lasius japonicus
  • Tetramorium tsushimae
  • Paratrechina flavipes
  • Formica japonica
  • Messor aciculatus
  • Polyrhachis lamellidens
  • Crematogaster osakensis
  • Camponotus japonicus
  • Aphaenogaster famelica