Insects mimicking ants

Other insects mimicking the ant

There are many other insects that resemble the ant in shape. There is an insect that closely resembles the ant only during the larva stage. Even insect specialists appear to make a mistake sometimes. However, if you observe it carefully, you can distinguish it from the ant.

Larvae of chinch bug This resembles the ant only during the larval stage. Since the adult (imago) has wings, you can distinguish it from the ant instantly.

Ant loving beetle Although this insect lives by creeping into an ant nest, this insect is related to the beetle.

Rove beetle Since the back wings are folded under the small forewings, the wings are invisible.

How to distinguish an ant from other insects

  • How many legs?
    The ant is an insect. Every insect must have 6 legs. Since the jumping spider, which closely resembles the ant, raises the forelegs above the head, count their number carefully.
  • Is there a petiole?
    The ant is characterized by the petiole. There are two types of ant: one type has one petiole and the other type has two petioles. Examine with a magnifying glass whether there is a small petiole between the gaster and the thorax.
  • Look at the antenna
    The ant antenna has one very long node at the base and many tiny nodules at the tip. In other insects, the node at the base is not long.

  • Is there really no wing present?
    Rove beatles and ant loving beatles are related to the beetle. They have small wings on the thorax. The ant does not have any wings on the thorax. Examine this difference.

  • Camponotus obscuripes
    @ Note the petiole (arrow)