How to keep ants

How to keep ants

When you keep ants, please make sure to keep the container adequately moistened and confirm it is not dirty inside. If the container remains humid, you can keep ants even without soil. Observe the growth of ants and how they behave.

1. Let's keep ants in an empty bottle or a flower dish.

  • Let's keep ants in a glass or empty bottle.
  • Let's keep ants in a plate such as a flower dish.

  • Good and bad soil
    Hard-to-grow fungs soil

    Coastal sands

    Soil at the nest entrance
    Easy-to-grow fungs soil

    Field soil

    Baked soil
    If the soil is baked, fungi will die. However, fungal growth sometimes occurs due to the fungi present in the ants that have been placed in the container.

  • Nest of Messor aciculatus