Guidance to indivudual study on ants

7. Examination of ant speed

Draw 2 lines at a 10-cm interval on the path where ants pass and examine how much time it takes for ants to cross the lines. How many seconds does it take?

How to study

Measure the temperature of the ant's pathway. Does the walking speed of ants differ at different earth temperatures?

How to count

The speed varies according to the species of ant and the temperature of the soil. Make a graph by species.

Aphaenogaster famelica

8. Observation of colored ants

Observe the state of activity of ants. If you select and observe one or 2 ants from among many ants, you will understand the state of ant activity.

How to study

Catch one ant coming out of a nest and make a mark on the abdomen with a white felt pen.

Return the ant to the place where you caught it and then note the times at which it leaves the nest, enters the nest and stays in the nest.

1. How many minutes will pass until it returns to the nest after it goes outside? 2. How many minutes will pass until it leaves the nest again?
3. How far does it walk away from the nest when it goes out? 4. Does the ant ever lose its way? Does it always go to the same place?