Ant's enemy

Most fearful ant lion

The predatory stage of the ant lion, which waits in prey at the bottom of a mortar-shaped hole, is the ant lion larva. If an ant slips and falls in the hole, there is virtually no escape. The ant's body fluid is sucked up and the dead body discarded.

Watched by other insects

Other insects and spiders are also fearful enemies. When they catch an ant, they suck out its body fluid. If a parasitic fly lays eggs in an ant, even the ant larvae in the nest are consumed.

Catching an ant via shifting sand

A Formica japonica ant has been caught by a tiger beetle

An assassin bug (Reduviid) catching a Camponotus japonicus ant
Remains of a Formica japonica ant on the back of an assassin bug

A male Camponotus japonicus ant caught by a crab spider (Thonisid)