To the readers

"Do you know anything about ants?"

"We have some in our garden."
"I saw a big black ant."
"They swarm around anything sweet."
"Winged ants can be males or females."
"Red ants, black ants, white ants, big ants and little ants all form a line."

Red ants, black ants and yellow ants are all ants, but the white ant or termite is not ant.
The ant is a familliar insect that you have played with since your childhood. However, there is much information about ants that has remained unknown to you, such as: how many kinds there are, where they live and how they live?
This GAKKEN'S PHOTO ENCYCLOPEDIA "ANTS" is a useful reference that provides a large amount of up-to-date correct knowledge and the recent results of research.
This book is designed to serve as a reference book for experiments and observations, in addition to providing enjoyment as a reading book.
Please take good care of this book for a long time and make good use of it.

Masaki Kondo, Professor
Shiraume Gakuen College