Type Specimens of Japanese Ants at MCZ, Harvard University

Dr. Brian Farrell, Dr. Edward O. Wilson and Dr. Gary D. Alpert

with the Japanese Ant Database Group

The Harvard University ant collection at the Museum of Comparative Zoology (MCZ) contains over one million ants from around the world. This ant collection is one of the oldest and largest of its kind. More than 3,500 of the ant specimens are designated types representing the standard for new species descriptions. Type images are an invaluable aid in the identification of known species and are the reference points for naming new species. Therefore digital images of each type specimen and the specimen label are an important component of an ongoing inventory of Harvard's holdings.

In collaboration between Harvard University and the Japanese Ant Database Group, please refer to the list below of all Japanese ant types located in the Harvard University collection. Digital images of types were taken with a Leica MZ16 microscope using a JVC digital camera and the images were processed using Auto-Montage software from Syncroscopy. Dr. Brian Farrell, Dr. Edward O. Wilson and Dr. Gary D. Alpert are working with the Japanese Ant Database Group in a long term scientific exchange.

Amblyopone silvestrii, Pachycondyla pilosior, Cryptopone sauteri, Ponera japonica, Ponera scabra, Ponera swezeyi, Stenamma owstoni, Aphaenogaster frontosa, Aphaenogaster ruida, Aphaenogaster vapida, Pheidole bugi, Monomorium triviale, Solenopsis japonica, Vollenhovia emeryi, Pyramica leptothrix, Crematogaster vagula, Ochetellus glaver, Technomyrmex gibbosus, Lasius umbratus, Lasius talpa, Lasius spathepus, Lasius productus, Formica yoshiokae, Formica fukaii, Polyergus samurai, Camponotus devestitus, Camponotus nipponicus, Polyrhachis latona (underconstruction)

Amblyopone silvestrii (Wheeler)
=Stigmatomma silvestrii Wheeler, 1928

Aphaenogaster famelica F.Smith
=Aphaenogaster frontosa Wheeler, 1928

Camponotus nipponicus Wheeler, 1928
=Camponotus (Colobopsis) nipponicus Wheeler, 1928

Crematogaster vagula Wheeler
=Crematogaster matsumurai vagula Wheeler, 1928

Cryptopone sauteri (Wheeler)
=Pachycondyla (Trachymesopus) sauteri Wheeler, 1906

Pheidole bugi Wheeler, 1919

Pheidole bugi Wheeler, 1919

Polyergus samurai Yano
=Polyergus rufessens samurai Yano, 1911

Polyrhachis latona Wheeler, 1909

Pyramica leptothrix (Wheeler)
=Strumigenis (Cephaloxys) leptothrix Wheeler, 1929

Stenamma owstoni Wheeler, 1906

Tetramorium nipponense Wheeler
=Tetramorium guineense nipponense Wheeler, 1928

Vollenhovia emeryi Wheeler, 1906