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The Image Database of Dr. Taylor's Australian Ants Check Book and Dr. Imai's Photographs

World Geographical Distribution of Ant Genera

World Geographical Distribution Maps of 277 Genera

Based on the data in Bolton's checklist "A New General Catalogue of the Ants of the World" (1995)

Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University

The museum has a several type preparation of Japanese ants. Some of them are displayed in its database as below.

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List of Japanese Ants Preparations in MCZ database

[Ponera japonica Wheeler, 1906 ], [Ponera scabra Wheeler, 1928 ],
[Odontomachus monticola pauperculus Wheeler, 1921 ], [Myrmica rubra var. bruessi Wheeler ],
[Myrmica rubra var. silvestrii Wheeler ], [Myrmica rubra var. yashiokai Weber ],
[Aphaenogaster famelica frontosa Wheeler, 1928 ], [Aphaenogaster famelica ruida Wheeler, 1928 ],
[Pheidole megacephala rotundata Forel ], [Leptothorax congruus var. wui Wheeler, 1929 ],
[Tetramorium smithi Mayr ], [Monomorium triviale Wheeler ], [Solenopsis geminata galapagea Wheeler ],
[Solenopsis fugox var. japonica Wheeler ], [Crematogaster matsumurai vagula Wheeler, 1928 ],
[Technomyrmex albipes truncicolus Weber, 1943 ], [Technomyrmex albipes vitiensis Mann, 1921 ],
[Technomyrmex gibbosus Wheeler, 1906 ], [Lasius productus Wilson, 1955 ],
[Lasius flavus claripennis Wheeler, 1917 ], [Lasius talpa Wilson, 1955 ], [Lasius spathepus Wheeler, 1910 ],
[Formica sanguinea aserva Forel, 1901 ], [Formica sanguinea rubicunda var. subnuda Emery, 1895 ],
[Formica exsecta var. fukaii Wheeler, 1914 ], [Camponotus japonicus var. miltotus Wheeler, 1929 ],
[Camponotus nipponicus Wheeler, 1928 ], [Aenictus ceylonicus var. latro Forel, 1901 ], [Pheidole bugi Wheeler ],

Hymenoptera Name Server

This database contains almost all the information written in Bolton's checklist "A New General Catalogue of the Ants of the World" (1995). 160 subfamilies, 296 genera, 9536 species

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Australian Ants Online

Clickable Online Checklist of Australian Ants

List of Genera, which live also in Japan

[Acropyga], [Aenictinae], [Aenictus], [Aenictus], [Amblyopone], [Anochetus], [Anoplolepis], [Aphaenogaster], [Camponotus], [Cardiocondyla], [Cerapachyinae], [Cerapachys], [Crematogaster], [Cryptopone], [Diacamma], [Discothyrea], [Dolichoderinae], [Dolichoderus], [Formicinae], [Hypoponera], [Leptanilla], [Leptanilla], [Leptanillinae], [Leptogenys], [Linepithema], [Lordomyrma], [Monomorium], [Myrmecina], [Myrmicinae], [Ochetellus], [Odontomachus], [Oligomyrmex], [Pachycondyla], [Paratrechina], [Pheidole], [Pheidologeton], [Plagiolepis], [Polyrhachis], [Ponera], [Ponerinae], [Pristomyrmex], [Probolomyrmex], [Proceratium], [Pseudomyrmecinae], [Pyramica], [Rhopalomastix], [Solenopsis], [Strumigenys], [Tapinoma], [Technomyrmex], [Tetramorium], [Tetraponera], [Tetraponera], [Vollenhovia],

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