Japanese Ant Database Group

The 3rd Generation of JADG (Left May 2001, Right Aug 2002)

1. How to get contact to us

Japanese Ant Database Group is not a fixed organization but an voluntary group which is gradually changing its composition under Dr. Imai's leadership. You may get contact to us using the e-mail address. However, it may take time to respond because of the nature of our group. Especially about the question relating to the academic field, we will try to do our best to repsond. However, in case that we do not know the scientific or cultural background of the person who gives us a query, it become hard to answer. Thus it will be welcomed that you will give us your personal identities (age, where you live, educational background etc.) with your query.

Our E-mail Address: ( , E-mail address may change for the Anti-SPAM operation.)


  • From The Myrmecological Society of Japan :

    Masao Kubota (President of The Society)

    Hirotami T. Imai (Japanese Ant Database Group)

    Masaki Kondo (Shiraume Gakuen College)

    Keiichi Onoyama (Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine)

    Kazuo Ogata (Kyushu University)

    Mamoru Terayama (Japanese Ant Database Group)
    Masashi Yoshimura (Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine)

  • Professional Photographer
    Satoshi Kuribayashi
    (Kuribayashi Natural Science Photoresearch Institute, Nagasaki)
  • From Group for Wide Area Biological Database :

    Yuuji Tsukii (Hosei University)

    Yoshihiro Ugawa (Miyagi University of Education)

    Akira Kihara (Hosei University)

  • Advisor for English version :

    Robert W. Taylor (CSIRO, Canberra, AUSTRALIA)


    Color photography: H.T. Imai, M. Kubota

    S. Kuribayashi

    Line drawings: K. Ogata, M. Yoshimura
    Distribution maps: M. Terayama, A. Kihara
    Proofreading of taxonomic descriptions: K. Onoyama, K. Ogata,
    M. Terayama, M Yoshimura
    R. W. Taylor
    Construction of general frame of WWW server: A. Kihara, Y. Tsukii
    Software of ant database: A. Kihara, Y. Ugawa
    Maintenance of server system: Y. Ugawa
    Management of ant database: H. T. Imai, M. Kondo

    4. Contributors of specimens for color photography:

    Kyoichi Kinomura (Gifu Prefectural High School)
    Haruhiko Sakai (Oi Municipal Primary School, Kanagawa)
    Rikio Sonobe (Tochigi Prefectural High School)
    Hidetsune Takamine (Syogaku High School, Okinawa)
    Katsusuke Yamauchi (Gifu University)