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How do ants fight?

Ants may fight to protect t heir own nests or food storage from enemies or when they try to take over nests or seize food of not only other ant species, but also other colonies of the same species.
Ants of the Crematogaster osakensis species fight by ejecting a spray of formic acid at their victim from the end of the abdomen.
Ants are armed with the mandibles. Their mandibles are very strong, as indicated by their use in lifting large food objects. In some species, there is a caste of soldier ant, which has an especially large-sized head and mandibles.
In addition, some ant species, including Brachyponera chinensis, have a sting at the end of the abdomen, similar to bees and wasps, and use it when they fight. Other ant species eject a spray of a poison called formic acid from the end of their abdomen at their victims.
Ants fight fiercely and their battle may continue until they are torn to pieces and die.
Battle between an ant of the Tetramorium tsushimae species (right) and an ant of the Pheidole fervida species (left).