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Let's peep into the ant kingdom!


There is an entrance to an ants' nest in a corner of a yard. As always, ants are coming from and going into the nest.
By the way, do you know that ants establish kingdoms? In an ant kingdom, many ants are busily working under a queen ant. There are many chambers in one of these kingdoms in which eggs and larvae are being raised.
OK now, let's peep into the ant kingdom.


A colony of Messor aciculatus ants, which construct the deepest nests found anywhere in the world. Their nests are as deep as about 4 meters and have many small chambers constructed alongside galleries. Most chambers are filled with seeds on which the Messor aciculatus ants are feeding. Far under the earth's surface, there is a chamber for the queen ant.

(This picture is made up of two photographs taken separately.)


This is what an ant kingdom is like!


Ants are living in a large nest with ants of the same species.
In an ants' nest, there are various types of chambers, including a chamber for the queen ant (mother ant), chambers for worker ants that go out to work, chambers in which larvae are cared for, chambers for food storage, and others for wastes and other purposes.
During most of the year, only the mother ant (queen ant), workers, larvae and eggs are found in the nests, but winged male and female ants can also be seen at certain times of the year.