Camponotus nawai

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Camponotus nawai



Camponotus nawai


Camponotus nawai

Japanese Name


Original Reference

Ito, T. (1914) Formicidarum Japonicum species novae vel minus cognitae. Annales de la Société Entomologique de Belgique 58: 40-45.


Camponotus fallax var. nawai Ito (Ito, 1914) , Camponotus (Myrmamblys) itoi var. nawai Ito (Emery, 1925) , Camponotus caryae var. nawai Ito (Wheeler, 1928) , Camponotus nawai Ito (Terayama & Satoh, 1990) ,


Total length of workers around 4 - 4.5 mm. Ground color of body black; pronotum reddish brown to blackish brown; legs brown; 1st and 2nd gastral terga each with a pair of whitish spots, which vary from well-developed to almost absent. Propodeal dorsum straight in lateral view; petiole thin.


The Izu Islands and central Honshu populations show slight morphological differences in petiolar shape and coloration from those of the Kii Peninsula and Shikoku. Further studies are needed to determine the range of this species in Japan. C. nawai is monogynous. It is distributed in woods near the sea coast (Satoh 1989). Nuptial flights occur during August. C. yamaokai, on the other hand, is polygynous, with nuptial flights during May. It is distributed from lowlands to mountainous regions. C. nawai is arboreal and nests in dead twigs. In "A List of the Ants of Japan with Common Japanese Names" (Myrmecological Society of Japan Editorial Committee, 1988), the name "nawai" was listed as a variety of C. itoi. Terayama & Satoh (1990a) later raised it to full species rank.


Honshu (central to southern parts), Shikoku, Kyushu, Yaku I., Nansei Is(Yokoate I., Takara I., Amami-oshima I.).


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Original text by Mamoru Terayama, Masaaki Morisita and Keiichi Onoyama. English translation by Mamoru Terayama, edited by Robert W. Taylor.