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Formica truncorum



Formica truncorum


Formica truncorum

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Original Reference

Fabricius, J.C. (1804) Systema Piezatorum: 439 pp. Brunsvigae.


Formica truncicola Nylander, 1846, Formica simulata Smith, F. 1878, Formica rufa var. truncicolopratensis Forel, 1874, Formica truncorum var. menozzii Stitz, 1939, Formica rufa var. rufotruncicola Ruzsky, 1896, Formica truncorum ab. stitzi Stitz, 1939,


Total length of workers 4.5 - 7 mm. Body color very similar to that of F. yessensis, but many workers are somewhat more yellowish. F. truncorum is distinguished from other species of Formica by the numerous erect setae on the extensor surfaces of its hind tibiae, and the presence of erect setae on the scapes. Erect, frequently long, setae are densely present all over the body.


Variation is observed in the abundance of erect hairs on the extensor surfaces of the hind tibiae and scapes. In Japan the known geographical range of F. truncorum is nearly separate from that of F. yessensis, but further distributional analysis is desirable. This species builds discrete nests in well insolated situations. Mounds are up to 1 m. in diameter and constructed from dead grass or conifer needles. According to Kupianskaja (pers. com.) there are differences in nest site preference and nesting habits between F. truncorum and F. yessensis in the Maritime Province of Siberia.


Northeastern parts of Hokkaido; Sakhalin, central parts of Eurasia and northwards.


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Original text by Rikio Sonobe and Keiichi Onoyama. English translation by Keiichi Onoyama, edited by Robert W. Taylor. Revised by Masashi Yoshimura.