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Jurine, L. (1807) Nouvelle M?thode de Classer les Hymenopteres et les Dipt?res. Hym?nopt?res 1: 319 pp. Geneve.


Manica Jurine, 1807, Myrmica: Forel, 1915d, Myrmica (Manica): Emery, 1921f, Neomyrma Forel, 1914a, Oreomyrma Wheeler, W. M., 1914d,


Nearly monomorphic ants; total length of workers around 5 - 8 mm. Similar to Myrmica Latreille, but differing as follows: Antennal funiculus with a 5-segmented club; propodeum without spines, armed instead with blunt tubercles. Promesonotal suture weak but distinct dorsally. Metanotal groove strongly impressed. Masticatory margins of mandibles each with two large teeth and 12 - 14 following denticles. Palpal formula 6:4. Body wholly yellowish brown, reddish brown, black, or with the head and gaster black and the mesosoma brown. Larvae with anchor-tipped hairs.


Six species, including the Japanese M. yessensis Azuma, have been described from the world. M. rubida Latreille is found in western Europe and M. bradleyi Wheeler, M. hunteri Wheeler, M. mutica Emery and M. parasitica Creighton in North America (Wheeler & Wheeler, 1970). M. parasitica is presumed to be parasitic. It has been collected only twice, both times from the nests of M. bradleyi, yet the worker caste is present (Wheeler & Wheeler, 1968). M. yessensis is the only known Japanese species; it appears currently to be endemic to Japan. A species "Manica sp. 2" (with Japanese name: Hime-tsuya-kushike-ari) was recognized in "Identification Guide III" (Myrmecological Society of Japan Editorial Committee,1992) from a female specimen, which is here recognized as a female of Myrmica sp. 5 (Omobiro-kushike-ari).


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Original text by Keiichi Onoyama and Rikio Sonobe. Modification and English translation by Keiichi Onoyama, edited by Robert W. Taylor. Revised by Masashi Yoshimura.