Key of Camponotus

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Camponotus [12]

Mesothorax to propodeum yellow to yellowish brown (head slightly darker in majors) Mesothorax to propodeum color not wholly yellow to yellowish brown
Camponotus kaguya Camponotus ogasawarensis Camponotus albosparsus Camponotus monju Camponotus devestivus Camponotus obscuripes Camponotus hemichlaena Camponotus yambaru Camponotus daitoensis Camponotus friedae Camponotus yessensis Camponotus nipponensis Camponotus kiusiuensis Camponotus amamianus Camponotus sachalinensis Camponotus sp.6 Camponotus japonicus Camponotus keihitoi Camponotus quadrinotatus Camponotus itoi Camponotus vitiosus Camponotus bishamon Camponotus yamaokai Camponotus nawai

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